Countdown Heading New Year

yes, it is!!! it’s gonna be a new year party for today…up to midnight, or maybe, up to tomorrow. aaah…many things happened today, lika…my sister again, had a conflict wid me…why the hell is a bad mood came to ruin our day??? i hate her today…but in the joyfulness of this day, i’ll forgive her…cuz i’m nice…and besides…i don’t want to be her enemy, cuz…she’s my sister no matter wat! behind these all things, as i’ve read in a psychology book, conflicts can make a compelling peacefulness between the two person. it can even strengthen the relationship. this is very good…but, can it help me? that’s a big question mark out thre! on the other hand, my sister hates me too this day. i don’t think that this hatredness would last up to next year! i’m afrd not. i want our bonding be stronger so that the next time that we’ll have a problem, we’ll solve it easily and smoothly without some conflicts.yah…opposite poles attract each other. i hope that later on this day, she’ll again trust me. hehehe…her bad mood today just stormed our day. my mother’s reaction was blank. but meaningful…i know that her eyes show a big bar of magnet that says…”we shall love each other”…anyway, this is just a problem, it’s an obstacle?…ryt? and i never believe in obstacles. you’ll find out y…but first, i have to write about my insights for today…9:00pm and we continued to enjoy! i’m glad my sister was ‘cured’ now. she’s very peaceful tonight that i can’t figure out who painted it! her face seemed to have brilliant diamonds on it! and those diamonds are priceless…i can’t describe further but in a word, i can show it to you. ‘happy’!…it’s simple but for me, it’s meaningful. ok…just waiting for the countdown…i can hear it now…5…4…3…2…!!!


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