How To Drive Yourself Really Crazy?-An Entry From Multiply Blog

As the weeks stretch to months, schooldays get closer and closer. Most of us say it’s PASUKAN NA, but in reality its MALAPIT NA. For the next few days to come, I can say that my summer vacation is finally carried out. I’m getting bored waiting and so to you. Kick some butt and drive yourself CRAZZY!
*stay scorching hot!stock your head in a microwave oven!(make sure it’s turned on) or
*keep cool!use salonpas instead.
*wanna be fit?push your neighbor’s doorbell,bother the peeps and run! or if you want
*jogging with hands is never hard
*read the dictionary from a-z(teacher said it’s proven effective)”you’ll get nuts!”
*dance the soulja way and post it in youtube!
*watch obama dial his nosehole! (hahaha)
-more blogger updates SOON, this is my very last time to re-post my blog entry from multiply :0
-no more spaces, point your browser at myspace! >



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