I knew that this is a funny question, but i reckon that somehow it would make sense.
Well at any rate, I can merely recall mine! When I was young, (eleven years ago) It was my habit to run on the stairs. Glad of me that day to know that i was about to receive some whatever prize from my parents. Unlucky it is I was unaware that the stairs were all wet and the thing is, I tumbled straight and bumped my head at the edge of a staircase!(You can tell how bad it was by just seeing the scar it left).
I was hospitalized of course. My horrible, trench-like wound was handled by a surgeon. As the operating light turned on,(the blinding light when you’re in the operation), I saw a hand destined to touch my wound. Knowing that it was a nurse(as i hated nurses when i was young), i quickly clenched my teeth against her shortest finger! She should be thankful of me she had her vivid memory that a kid bit her finger (hehehe).
Lucky of me to recover smoothly, and the rest, history!
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