My Subic Adventure

I thought that my summer vacation gets worse as the first schoolday approaches because i’m getting bored as the summer ends. Well, my out-of-town adventure just ended it with a boom!

The Road To Adventure

Despite of the three-hour travel from Quezon City to Subic (thanks to SCTEX!(left photo)), I’ve enjoyed seeing the green view on the side of the well-paved road while we’re in our four-by-four vehicle. If my eyes wouldn’t get wrong, the roadside of SCTEX changed a lot from the first time we’ve been there(last three months). There have been more establishments, gasoline stations to stop by, and lots of eye-friendly green weeds and pine trees!

Arriving to Subic is such a breathe of fresh air. It’s a lot different from Manila(as I know it) in every way. The road is perfectly crafted, there are speed radars everywhere, I love the simpleness of the free port’s gaiety. I found no towers nor buildings higher than the Manila City Hall Clock Tower.

Just an hour away from the Cenral Freeport, the beaches are kissed by the light of the sun and I’m glad i’ve experienced being in the bahay kubo by the shore. I haven’t had a chance to swim because I could die from being burned by the sun’s killer I refused to swim hehe.

At night, the whole horizon was gorgeously lit. You can imagine the lights of the port reflected by the dark waters by the sea.(right photo)

I love this day because it didn’t tried to a single drop of rain. My admiration was intensified when our night was spent into the mind-boggling Le Man’s Go Kart – Beside Bicentennial Park on the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It has a more-than-one-kilometer-race track that is curved perfect for us to enjoy. The race track is like a real F1 track so I have felt racing with my kuya’s and ate’s like it’s a true racing competition!

Right after this great racing stuff, we have stayed into a resthouse in Olongapo, a city just minutes away from Central Freeport. It’s nice to spent a night there because It’s surrounded by trees of different kinds. The fragrance of the wind just made me elated to seek for some more.

The Second Day: Boom Day!

I’ve taken a bath at six in the morning because I don’t want to be one of the other twenty who would take a shower at seven. We’ll be parting from the huge rest house at nine so I have to wait for another three hours. We ate sardines for breakfast and it’s enough for me to go through this adventurous day.

This day’s what I’m waiting for! I’ll call it a Boom Day! It started with a boom..and it ended with a bang!

I’ll be starting with the boom because I’m narrating it chronologically.^^

Together with my tito’s and tita’s(although they’re age range is only ten to twenty five years) My brother and I have included ourselves into an eighteen-seater-Delica van.

Everyone’s getting nerves from knowing that we’ll be going on the Tree Top Adventure, but, I admire this park so much because It sort of reminds me of a jungle adventure. Going here is such an experience because you’ll forget everything after trying their stunning Adventure stuffs!

Every kid in our family(including me ^^) have to try to test his spirit on this dangerous-looking Adventure segment. Why I call it dangerous-looking? Here’s a description of an Adventure from a Subic’s tourism site:

“Serene as the jungle may seem, there is also something in it to quench your thirst for adrenaline rush. Flirt with gravity by rappelling down the side of a 60-foot tree! Each descent is a unique adventure as we offer a variety of styles – the conventional, the spider style and the daring Australian style (face first!).”

Blue tickets indicate rappelling. This is fun!

Yeah I’ve tried the jaw-dropping Spider Style and the nerve-cracking Australian style! The Australian style is easier than the Spidey stuff. You just have to face the ground as you fall from a tall tree. The Spider Style is something to fear. You have to cling yourself to a rope for support and turn yourself upside down with the head before the ground! You should have a good mood for you to have a balance and focus to evade your nervousness. At first, I thought that these Adventures would be dangerous, but after trying it without a panic, I think I’ve forgotten everything on the side. You should try it! Sure you should try it especially if you’re an Alto phobic(having fear of heights). By the way, the instructors there may be intimidating, so you should have some strong spirits to turn your head from them.

Here’s another shot: (This shows how tall the tree I have landed from)
The Instructors’ Handling to the customers is cool!


And then the Bang!

Jungle Joe’s world, fifteen minutes away from the Tree Top Adventure, had hidden something that I want and I have found it! The Paint Ball!

This is the first time I have tried it. And this is also the first time I shoot somebody(Kuya Louie) on his butt haha!

My team mates, Kuya Jason, BJ, Hans, Von, and Ate Singh defeated the other team that have the eldest one. It’s such a great experience. We WON! We WON! We WON! haha

This day is so fun! I hope to have some scuba-diving next time.

*Another pictures would be uploaded next time somewhere ^^


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