Before pursuing the Environmental Science Subject, things like conserving energy, putting little garbage in my pocket if no thrash can is present, and recycling used plastics are my answers every time I was asked if how I will move for the benefit of the environment.

I was also pre-influenced by the documentaries that I saw from the National Geographic last semester before I pursue taking the environmental course. I used the idea that I have gotten from watching to supplement my very first individual activity in this course. I doodled what my vision of our environment is as instructed. I simply had a vision that was pessimistic and eventually was also my view while watching environmental documentaries on the NGC last semester. The drawing contained a vision of a hopeless forest that is being consumed mercilessly from a forest that is a peaceful sanctuary. What I want to say that time is that our environment is on alarm and needs an attention which is something to be aware of.

I was puzzled on why Environmental Science is included in the list of the subjects that I would take this semester. To be honest, the only reason went straight in me upon entering the course is that is that it involves critical thinking, analysis, and other skills needed in the major subjects. I based my insight on what the subject, Biological Science had shown to us last semester. I thought that I have to love this subject only because it involves in improving the methods of thinking.

It was only during I take the course that I realized why the approach in the subject is as such. It is for the reason that before we reach a sustainable and a successful livable environment, we have to know first what is its current condition, as before we do some actions, we have to be aware of the current situation.

There are times in some discussions about the unforeseen effects of the actions that humans took to satisfy what they want. I observed that: sometimes, as they get what they want, they put environment into danger. Their satisfaction leaves an unwanted mark on their mother earth. As a documentary featuring poverty had shown by our professor, the impoverished people in the video get their lunch, the bananas by cutting the trees, unaware that they are putting themselves into a long term trap—a danger of a flood or a landslide or a loss of food supply provided that the source had been removed.

Some people think of short-term satisfaction and of themselves. They do not consider that they are not the only living organisms that belong to the environment. The concept of the Environmental Science is interrelationship. If one does something, the other is affected. If one takes care of the trees and plants more of them, they would breathe fresh air that is one of the primary components of living and surviving in this world.

We should somehow consider what the effects of our actions to environment are. We should know that as we throw our garbage on a trash can, we add another waste into the Payatas dumpsite or somewhere else.

Personally, I know how to throw a trash properly, and also, I am aware that I have to minimize my wastes. Because I know that simple things like this would help in saving the mother earth.

I am proud that I have contributed to my classmates some simple ideas that I have known about the water quality in the present time. The documentary, “TooBIG Problem”, has taken several challenges in order to be shown on the class. I, together with my group mates and friends, Powell, Darwin, and Alfonso, understood, witnessed, and showed clearly what the present state of the water in the Manila area is. It was my first time to see the Lawton area closer than before. I have seen garbage floating on the water flowing to the suburbs. I asked my friends that time in tagalong, “Do we drink that?”. All of the things I saw went in my consciousness, and most importantly, in my heart and memory. Because taking things internally would be memorable and doing so would make one react and do something. Yes, the one that I saw added on my view of what will I do as a student of this course.

Though it consumed a lot of our time and affected the scores of our quizzes into the other subjects, we are thankful that we have made a documentary worth watching for. The product of what we have witnessed is an indication that we have finally understood the importance of this subject. For me, I view this subject not only for academics, but also for the benefit of the future generations.

I like subjects that are adventurous and challenging. The course Environmental Science brought me into different places that I have never went to and involved into different experiences that I have never done before. From talking and arranging an appointment with a person at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to breathing the dirty air without any handkerchief on the Lawton Bridge while shooting a video we want everyone to see, it has been a part of my experience.

Honestly, my only complaint about the subject is that it sometimes takes much of my time when I should be reading books and reviewing notes on the other subjects. Doing the script takes time and also, takes reviewing and resting time. Editing the documentary also consumes huge duration of time. After all, I have enjoyed doing my job in the group which is the editing part. 

I am now one of the persons involved in spreading the environmental awareness. Now, I am a better person that does not think for himself. In an environmental view, I should apply critical thinking, both simple and complex, into my actions that I think have an effect to the environment.

The subject, Environmental Science is the key for us to realize that we have our environmental mission even if we are simple human beings. The course is a package which includes all of the things needed to open the eyes of the community to the current environmental condition and applying the green concepts that favor both the surroundings and all the living things.

The world needs people that spread the environmental awareness. It is in the state of being consumed for the greater glory. The situation should go within the hearts of the humanity and transform it outwards as actions. I knew from the subject that we need to minimize our ecological footprint. Just before I take the course up, I did not know the concept of ecological footprint. Now, I know that ecological footprint is a measurement of how much it takes to produce all the things that we use, how much energy we use and how much waste we produce. It describes the impact on our consumption on the world. And so it also tells that we have our responsibility to our environment. People that are aware of this would have a sustainable future environment because they know exactly how their name will be added to the list of the people who want a sustainable change. As what we do to the environment is what we will receive in the future.

Environmentally Friendly Student


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