Morning Glory.

Imagine this. I opened my eyes unconsciously as I woke from the dreamworld. The sun’s golden light hit my face before I swerve my left arm instantaneously, letting the back of my open hand feel the heat instead my face. My consciousness grew gracefully that I managed to slide a white blanket on me down and sit-up straight with my legs crossed. I closed my eyes, laid my hands and prayed. I’ve mentioned my family, friends, even whispered ‘world peace’, and breath a mouthful of fresh air afterwards as a conclusion. As I opened my eyes, the pool of light has gone already, and the sun hid behind the clouds.The instance unveiled the features of my room as I gazed around, it’s dominantly wooden, rough, and brown.I turned to stand with my weight on my feet to feel the smooth, wooden floor. I condescendingly walked to reach the only window in my room, where my most favorite morning routine happens: reflecting. I sat on a wooden chair that is the only furniture left from a bunch that had given by my parents long before. Sitting on it is a flashback. I remembered when I was six, i’ve observed the clouds, through the same window, do some maneuvers over the sky. They somehow merge to form a shape of a creature i’ve never met, or just fly like a flock of birds as though they invite some others to join them. They are the most magnificent flying objects made by God. As I noticed that the sun was just about to show its rays again, I stood up and sighed..I listened to the silent bliss of the wind, celebrating the importance of melancholy. Sometimes, I think that being alone is the only way to experience the endearing world of reality.

Nuff said.




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