Grasses are Smart.

There is one of the things that fall from the sky and could ruin the grasses’ greenish hues and turn them brown. Which is precisely the waters that gravitate on the greens that are in need of its wholesome help. There are also things that neither fall from the sky nor turn the green grasses brown.. but they can make the grasses look as though they have not been wet since they were planted. Pleasure is one need of humans that they could inevitably meet, as when it is unavoidable, it surely is necessary to continue breathing. Unfortunately, pleasure comes from the things that humans need. They might be one of the two reasons why there could be brown grasses because they could ruin it as they please. It is so embarrassing that the natural way, well, is still a better way to live. Grasses become different as another thing intervenes: they want to be disturbed when they are lullibied by waters from the sky.. but they seem irritated when humans do whatever on their greenness. Therefore, grasses also choose what is a better way to live their uncertain lives.



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