I’ve Learned a Madly Useful Stuff.

I’ve learned myself something today that I think that’s impossible for me to do (well, for the other’s perspective).. After the very long day that went a little bit friendly to agree with my pleading for this day to be a sunny day, I have finally realized that this day is indeed a very happy day. Although the hotness turned the wet roads into drought, surely, I went soo thirsty because of it taking the waters from me..

Anyway I still couldn’t forget the new trick that I’ve learned. What the hell was that? Oh well, it could be none of your interest.. but it’s so helpful to convert MS Word to PDF Files. Well, actually, PDF is the kind of document that’s really protecting your document like a very strict bodyguard. Well, I’ve had a thought that the PDF file is kind of stupid before because it doesn’t allow me to edit OR create content with it. I am not sure if it’s having a particular publishing application to create it. Well, it’s still more convenient to use the MS Word, whatever versions, because I am more familiar to this program(gawd I used it for like 10 years! and I watched it evolve!) haha!

Anyway, I think the reason for me in posting this is that I want to share the compilation of some of my works that I’ve authored for the past three months.

I thank my professor to teach us how to do our own newsletter. She had been soo amiable to approach on any questions that we’ve asked her. Without her assignment to us, I would never do this trick before I could just wait for another time to create some. Here’s my newsletter entitled “Menagerie”, which is a compilation of my works for the past three months(of reflecting :D)

How have I done it? well, i’ve googled an article that would say something about converting MS Word files to PDF files. It was soo easy, a click is just needed and it was fun waiting for the add in to merge to the MS Word because just the think of it would probably amaze you.. because it’s not quite widely used..OR I think it’s the common thing that our profs and lawyers do to instantly finish their works.Here’s the link of that article that helped me understand more about converting those kind of files and realize its coziness.

It has been a great day.. soo efficient I had to bring my own foods to the school intead of doing the thing that I’ve never wanted, which is buying something and lessen the value of my money that is supposedly spent to books and magazines that I want to splurge into.



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