Yahoo Message to JARS

Hello JARS,

I have finally gone through my Waste Land paper yesterday and it was really obscuring that one couldn’t understand the whole text just by mere looking at it and scrutinizing it without some outside help :S. Finding and ciphering out allusions is not an easy task because it’s leveled on the professional researchers’ skill rather than a skill of the currently-learning ordinary student like me 😀 If it would be me who would be the source of all of the allusions–meaning if I would research every books and lines and entries of different authors in the library, I could finish it..but in a gage of a very long time(more than a week or so) despite of the given one week of writing the whole critical paper.

I used the internet in rummaging all of the possible allusions that were hidden in the poem. In fact, I have finally found a webpage that could really help everyone in decoding the meaning of the poem in every bit of its morsel.

Would you like me to share it to you? Of course I could, just reply to this message and I’ll send you the complete link. 😀 The site that I have found really helped me in finding the secret of the poem because it was a site dedicated in guiding all of the readers and critics of The Wasteland. We could find there the allusions, translations, commentaries, meanings, or even the drafts of the poem!

I’m really looking forward for your consideration of my points. Thank you very much!

Attached to this mail is my compilation of allusions for the poem. It would really help prior to our final piece.
May the risen God Bless the JARS,

–Arch 😀


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