My New Home

I’ve finally decided to move my entire pile of blog entries here from my shredded blog,

I believe that this site would be a collage of different genres of media that diversify in form as hues and gradients create a pallete. May they be originating from me or from a famous author or from an acquainatnce, or simlply from everywhere, the posts mean a lot to me.

I would post almost all kinds of literature, photos, videos and photoshop arts or whatever will be tasted satisfactorily. I would drag melancholic compositions on the top of the list, above others that could be entertaining, drooling, or just fall on the definition of my happiness.

Best believe that I’ll update whenever I’ll feel elated, and synchronize it with myofficial blog if the nature would poke my arm.

Why wordpress? Its features are complex, but useful.



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