On UP.

UPLately, my friends and I have just watched a movie that tells an adventure that deserves to be inscribed in one’s memories. I am talking about the “UP” movie that has been produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The movie encompasses a lot of emotions and breath-taking animations that captivate the heart of anybody who wants to splurge into this kind of movie.

I love how the movie started and ended. The beginning spotlight has been pointed to the life story of the old-square-jawed-man, who married a  girl he loved first and eventually the last. They have been partners with each other since they were young then they have married each other long after they have enjoyed the life of being kids. But life has been really deceiving because the woman he married died before him without having any child. It really has made him frustrated until he has pursued on settling his promise on the life dream of her deceased wife: a desire to move their home alongside the Paradise Falls.

The adventure started when the old folk met a kid (A Wilderness Explorer) that has accompanied him during their search on the Falls, which has brought many humorous lines and original scenes designed to make one laugh.

The final part has also been memorable because it made me tear my waters out. It has been the product of all the sacrifices that the old man has released. One might not resist on helping a person in the middle of a predicament.

The title of this exceptionally brilliant movie has been literally and abstractly conveyed the progression of fulfilling one’s dream. It was really interesting to think how a frustration and misery could motivate a man to continue aiming to reach for dream that has planned by the girl that you have loved with all of your life. The Pixar movie has amiably transformed a simple theme of reaching a dream to a fun and sympathizing icon of an uphill climb.

I naturally liked the soundtrack of the movie. I’m searching it now on youtube to listen to it once more. I don’t mind if it doesn’t have any lyrics, I just have an UP impression of the movie’s entirety when I happen to listen to that music.

NOTE: The views on this blog entry do not represent other’s views except the author’s (Arch). The content and structure of the paragraphs are in a point of view of an imperfect college student.



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