A Musical Sentiment.

I love simple songs. They give me tranquility emotional stability. Listening to them is  a way of forgetting everything that I have been crossed through the past days. It’s the resting part that I need after every activities that I do just like reading a Bible or nosing on a pleasurable book. As I enjoy perceiving songs that are poems which carry poetic melody and lines, I really am a music lover!

By being a music lover is like being an open-minded person, I could enjoy every bit of music genres as long as they aren’t anti-Catholic, anti-social, promoting hatredness, rebellious, and the like. But I could be a bias too, because I love ballads and acoustics more than the loud ones.  I just hear loud and frantic songs when I feel listening to them.

Most of the time, I hear the music of guitarists like John Mayer, McLaughlin, Dillon and whiff some from The Corrs. They have songs that that relate to me.. and my goodness, their songs are simple and easy to understand. Leastways, I listen to The Killers, Greenday, Simple Plan, Click Five, Sandwich etc. whenever I want to :).

I envy people who could play guitar by just a bliss. Sung Ha Jung is a very famous finger-style plucking person on Youtube. In fact, I think he could be the youngest to begin to pick his guitar and perform in front of the web people.

Happy and upbeat songs really raise my energy up! Listening to them is proven good to me. They are just as subliminal as I even not notice that they change my mood whenever I feel uneasy.

Well, as a conclusion to this post, I want to leave snippets from David Archuleta’s “You Can”. It has been playing on my head for three days.. and I like how I remember its lyrics. I’ve even attempted to sing it with my blue guitar:

Baby, when you look at me
Tell me what do you see
Are these the eyes of someone you could love?
‘Cause everything that brought me here
Well, now it all seems so clear
Baby, you’re the one that I’ve been dreaming of
If anyone can make me fall in love, you can…

I could spend a day listening and singing songs that matter to me. They have evoked some emotions that made them memorable to me. This post could immediately be limited with a dot, but I just wanna say that a music lover could listen his music as long as he has a fire inside that burns passionately.



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